Quality Cornices Since 2009

Cornice Factory has been manufacturing quality cornices since 2009 and are proud to say that we have reached new frontiers with a bigger factory and more staff to ensure quality service and outstanding products.

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The Preferred Alternative

Polystyrene cornices have become the preferred alternative to the plaster products which are heavy, can break easily if mishandled, difficult to install and they are not waterproof and will damage if any moisture gets to the product.

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Locally Manufactured

We have set cornice designs to cater for any taste and are able to design and cut any shape and size to suit your needs, and being locally manufactured, all our products offer unmatched value for money! Our product has been in the market for 6 years and the demand is getting bigger by the day.

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Our cornices are relatively easy to install, as they are lightweight and require no screws or nails. They are simply fixed by means of a water based acrylic adhesive. The cornice is easy to cut with a fine tooth hacksaw and the result is always perfect!